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Small story was formed from the main story line “Museum of future” that includes each story piece from that amazing 1 year journey.

Big amount of Visitant avatars are all planned with fixed price 0.1 eth, since people asked me a lot to upload an affordable project for all. 
3d models of Visitants for your meta journey are in progress.(due Covid issues)
Physical product that would be delivered to costumer is in progress.(due Covid issues) 

The idea was born after visiting a couple of local places, called ‘Museums’. I’ve decided that I can make it better, and for our near future technologies it would be a piece of cake, at least we can just take big screens and a couple of projectors to make it happen nowadays...  


So at the very beginning we needed a person that became a bold Visitant(people started calling him Voldemort, and that was sad that one fantasy movie with magic stuck in their minds).

Why is he bold? Hair simulation is a big pain in the ass, and a very time consuming process, it's way better to waste more time on a main simulation than just on cosmetic problems of our visitor.

Also leaving our Visitant naked, was not the best idea, and as we all know all simple things are the best way out in a short term(since I didn't wanted to waste lots of time on our Visitant).

That's how the cape was born. Capes were evolving in all ways. Sometimes I was wasting 3-5 hours on them.


Talking about the main simulation on each scene, the math was simple. Each of my pc’s have different specs, so the work was divided into different parts. One of them was only for mograph simulations, one for water and not complex particles setup and the last one for the heaviest scenes with smoke and fire. There were no plans, I was just opening a new project and starting experimenting depending on what pc i am working on. One of my goals was to fit a project in 1 day(not talking about rendering, some of the works took 5-7 days to render). 


As all designers know, I usually upload all my experiments at my shop, to help guys with their experiments(who wants to waste a day on simulation, when you have ready to go simulation for free). So the idea to make 100 free ready to go projects was a good challenge for me(a couple of projects already uploaded). 


What more can I say? 1 year of daily simulations that were based on cloth, hair, particles and fractures, 3 pc’s were rendering on non stop basis, 50k new subs on instagram, all famous motion designers pages reposted Museum of future pieces, huge interest of big collectors in nft space, and a big motivation for all designers and a never ending story for me and my people.

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